Doin It Up in DC!

I had the honor and privilege to be a speaker and FASD United’s Red Shoe Gala in Washington, DC last week. What an inspirational Gala! What a rush! So, originally I was going to type my speech as a blog post, but I thought I would do one better. THANKS FASD UNITED!

I hope you enjoy!

2 responses to “Doin It Up in DC!”

  1. “Education is power and with power, change is possible.” Wonderful speech, Rebecca. You are a natural and eloquent speaker. I enjoyed hearing more about how story, including your full circle moment with FASD United. Congrats on your self advocacy and awareness raising and on the success of this year’s FASD Run!


  2. Thank you so much! You and the hubby should attend the gala next year!!!!!!! I love speaking g and doing for FASD. It is my passion! In my free time lol.

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