Steppin’ Up and Out

So, it has been awhile. Life has been happening. Really good stuff. Just busy. One son entering high school, and one entering fifth grade. We are the second week in, and all is smooth sailing. September has always been a busy month for us. Then, when I was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, one more event got added. FASD AWARENESS MONTH, my friends. Not just 1 day, or one week. ALL MONTH LONG! 30 Days! Over the years I have attempted to make posts and bring awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders as they relate to the United States. Check out these stats:

-FASDs are 1.5 times as common as Autism;

-1 in 20 school aged children have an FASD;

About 430 Comorbidities associated with FASDs;

-70% of foster kids have an FASD;

$24,308.00: According to a 2018 analysis of the economic impact of FASD, the annual cost for one individual, including health care, special education, residential care, and productivity losses.

-$30,945.00: Includes the costs associated with juvenile and criminal justice per person, per year. Due to how an FASD brain can struggle with lack of understanding cause and effect  and impulsivity, those with an FASD being involved in criminal activity is not uncommon.  (60% of teens and adults with FAS have been in the legal system and 35% incarcerated for a crime).

-$205 Billion: Based on an estimated FASD population in the United States, the annual cost of FASD on society.

The numbers are staggering. The dollars spent are hard to swallow. BUT, THEY ARE THE STATS.

In 2021 and 2022, I took another approach to raising awareness. RunFASD. A Virtual 5K Your Way. People can run it, walk it, bike it, horse ride it. Just to step up and raise awareness for FASDs.

I am learning through advocacy that just one conversation can cause ripple effects into the universe.

Who wants to wade in the waters with me?

One response to “Steppin’ Up and Out”

  1. Congrats to a nice start to Grade 5 and high school for your kids! 👍 And thank you for sharing awareness about FASD. Those numbers are staggering and speaks to how much funding is needed for this area to help reduce the societal and economic impacts of FASD. One step and one awareness raised at a time. Enjoy the rest of your week!


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